The Düben collection



In 1732 Anders von Düben donated a collection containing around 2300 manuscripts from music from the 17th and 18th centuries. The collection derives its name from the family Düben whose members served as Hofkapellmeister at the Royal Swedish Court from 1640 to ca. 1726 (Anders Düben 1640-62, his son Gustav Düben 1660-90 and his sons Gustav, 1690-98 and Anders 1698-ca. 1726). Gustav Düben the elder (1628-90) is generally regarded as the main assembler of the collection, which contains vocal and instrumental works by more than 300 composers from Germany, Italy, France, Poland, England, the Baltic countries and Sweden, besides a large number of anonymous works. The collection is believed to represent the remains of the Swedish court’s music library under the regency of Kristina, Karl X Gustav, Karl XI and Karl XII.






D. Buxtehude - Singet dem Herrn


G. Bertali - Sonata a II violino e viola da gamba col basso per l’organo


S.F. Capricornus - Salve Jesu


W. Byrd - Fancie in d


D. Buxtehude - Gen Himmel zu dem Vater mein