LinGon - early music ensemble


Upcoming concerts


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February 10th Biber: Rosary sonatas

Iwaki performing Arts Center, Iwaki, Japan

7 p.m


February 12th Biber: Rosary sonatas

Sumida Triphony Concert Hall, Tokyo, Japan

7 p.m


February 13th Biber: Rosary sonatas

Chigasaki Concert Hall, Chigasaki, Japan

7 p.m





Earlier concerts




March 13th

Tyska Kyrkan, Gamla Stan, Stockholm Theile: Matthew passion

7 p.m

Tickets: 180kr (140kr)

For booking and information:, 08-41 23 883

With the support of the German Embassy in Stockholm








March 15th

Mass in Grønland kirk, Oslo Theile: Matthew passion

11 a.m

Oslo Internasjonale kirkemusikkfestival


March 17th

Grønland kirke, Oslo Theile: Matthew passion

7 p.m

Oslo Internasjonale kirkemusikkfestival






May 31st

St. Stephen's schoool, Ōiso. 2p.m. Stylus Phantasticus


June 7th

Kyudo-kaikan, Tokyo. 2p.m. Stylus Phantasticus


June 10th

Lunch concert Stylus Phantasticus

Ohmi-gakudo, Tokyo. 12.30p.m & 1.30p.m.






August 25th and 26th

LinGon is one of the chosen groups for IYAP, International Young Artist Presentation

Laus Polyphonie               Queen Kristina’s way to Rome 



November 1st

Concert in Tokyo Queen Kristina’s way to Rome

Tokyo Lutheran Church 19.00


November 7th

Concert in Tokyo Queen Kristina’s way to Rome

Hokutopia International Music Festival

Kyu Furukawa Teien 14.00






August 11th

MAfestival - fringe Queen Kristina’s way to Rome

Provinciaal Hof, Brugge 15.30


September 2nd

Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht - Fabulous fringe Queen Kristina’s way to Rome

Willibrordkerk 15.30





September 25th

Kölner Musiknacht Düben program

Kartäuserkirche 20.00


August 30th

Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht - Fringe Düben program

Archief Utrecht 15.30



February 21st

Oslo - Margaretakyrkan Düben program

Ung Mässa 18.00

Concert 19.15



February 17th

Oslo - Ladegården 20.00 Düben program






November 6th

Waterloo Swedish program

Femmes d’Europe



October 6th

The Swedish church in Brussels Düben program



August 7th

Sofia Albertina kyrka - Landskrona French program

Part of the Church Music festival


August 5th

Västra Karaby kyrka French program